Information about P-51D Mustang Louisiana Kid


Todays "Louisiana Kid" was manufactured in late 1944 in Inglewood, CA, with serial number 44-73254, by NAA. During WW2 it was shipped to Great Britain as a spare aircraft.

In 1947 the Mustang was sold to the Royal Canadian Air Force with the designation "RCAF 9571".

James Defuria bought it in 1957 and registered it as N6328T as a civil airplane in the US. After some owner changes, it crashed on 31st May 1963.

During the following years a rebuilt was done, which was finally completed by Mr. Donald Weber in 1978 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For the next 35 years it was flown and maintained by Mr. Weber.

In late 2012 Wilhelm Heinz from Germany bought the Mustang and a small team around his son Andreas Heinz started with the disassembly and prepared the aircraft for sea transportation to Germany.

In February 2013 the container arrived at the airfield Albstadt- Degerfeld. There it was reassembled and received a major service. On 01st May 2013 it took off again. From then "Louisiana Kid" took part at many airshows all over Europe.